Integrating Biomimicry in TreeNests

TreeNests represent a novel approach to integrating natural honeybee nest site parameters into conservation and apiculture. Their design incorporates principles of biomimicry, ethics, and the instinctual preferences of bees. Serving as an innovative tool, TreeNests aid in the restoration of wild, apian nesting sites. Recent entomological studies and the research by Apis Arborea (AA) underscore the remarkable resilience and robust health observed in wild honeybee populations. AA attempts to leverage this research by integrating it into system-based conservation strategies that empower the resilience of local bioregions.  This approach offers a novel pathway for local communities to collaborate with non-human constituencies in creating regenerative systems.

Remediation with TreeNests

We install TreeNests as part of our Wilding programs and offer training for design and construction. TreeNests are essential for restoring apian health in diverse landscapes, including farms, parks, backyards, and also for mitigation programs for wildfire-damaged ecosystems, or watersheds impacted by logging.  Check out our events calendar for upcoming workshops.

How to order a TreeNest

Each TreeNest is crafted uniquely in-house by Apis Arborea. You can pick it up from our shop or have it shipped within the US. To place an order, please send an email to [email protected]. The price for a TreeNests is currently $699.00.


The schematic below shows our most current vertical log hive design. It is available as an open resource and reference for anyone interested in wilding bees and building TreeNests.