Why TreeNests?

TreeNests are a new way of describing natural honeybee nests.  The design of TreeNests integrates biomimicry and ethics, and their applications are reflecting apian instinctual preferences. It is an innovative tool for rehabilitating wild, apian nesting sites.  Contemporary entomological research documents the extraordinary resiliency and levels of health present in wild populations of honeybees. We integrate this research data into a holistic and apian-centric conservation strategy.

 Watch the video below to learn more about TreeNests.

Remediation with TreeNests

We build, sell, and install TreeNests as part of our wilding programs and offer training for design and construction. TreeNests are essential for restoring apian health in diverse landscapes, including farms, parks, backyards, and also mitigation programs for wildfire-damaged ecosystems, or watersheds impacted by logging.  Check out our events calendar for upcoming workshops.

We make a schematic of our most current vertical log hive design available as an open resource and reference for anyone interested in wilding bees.