Apis Arborea in the Media

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Oregon Wine Press: Re-Wild at Heart

Reuters: ‘Rewilding:’ One California man’s mission to save honey bees

Atlas Obscura: The Zen Beekeeper Returning Hives to the Wild

Demeter Association: Honeybees – A Compass Point

Bodhi Tree: Life Lessons We Can Learn from Honeybees

Winged—New Writing on Bees: Excerpt from “The Bien”


International Biodynamic Guild, 2021: Rewilding Bees, Apis Arborea

Regenerative Rising, 2021: Apis Arborea in the spotlight

Arboreal Apiculture Salon #13, 2020: Michael J. Thiele

Arboreal Apiculture Salon #11, 2020: ‘Stillpoint’

Arboreal Apiculture Salon #8, 2020: ‘Rewilding’

Backyard Bounty 2019: Rewilding Bees, to Preserve and Protect

Stitcher 2019: Beekeeper Confidential | Bees & Beekeeping: Faithful Beeing

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New York University

Harvard University

US National Biodynamic conferences 

International Symposium of Arboreal Apiculture, Netherlands

Dominican Republic, sponsored by the USDA

Affiliated Organisations

Bee Kind Hives, UK

Boomtree Bees, Ireland

Bractwo Bartne, PL

Free Living Bees, UK

Free The Bees, Ch

Sa bienen Imkerei, D

“In this time of extinction, we are going to be asked again and again to take a stand for life, and this means taking a stand for faith in life’s meaningfulness. … We are called into recognition: of the shimmer of life’s pulses and the great patterns within which the power of life expresses itself.”
—Deborah Bird Rose