Apis Arborea was founded to preserve the life and resiliency of honeybees through ‘wilding’, that is, the restoration of natural nesting habitat, and the use of a holistic ecological framework in caring for bees. Learn more about our mission.

We named our nonprofit organization Apis Arborea to shift the focus from thinking in terms of commodities (Apis Mellifera) to that of their natural, historical habitat in trees. It places their intrinsic value as wildlife and their instinctual preferences at the center of our attention. Ethics and birthrights are becoming the compass point of our activities, for nest designs, and all of our programs.

We believe the expanding environmental crisis of our time calls for a radical re-design of the ways we live with bees. Our work is centered on the development of tree-based honeybee nests that help ensure their health and survival, and thus, of all beings.

We hope to be an intermediary facilitator for entomological research and innovative conservation practices, land managers, farmers and growers, and beekeepers. We regard the interdependency of the honeybee life form as a resource and inspiration for our human work in agriculture, economics, and sociocultural and environmental fields.

What we do

We work with a diverse clientele, from land-based conservation organizations and private landowners, tribal nations, and Nature Preserves to farmers, gardeners & beekeepers around the world.

Restoration & Conservation

We create “landscape apiaries” using traditional TreeNests and promote natural apian networks.

Seminars & Workshops

We offer workshops and training on new pathways of conservation, landscape assessments, and holistic apiculture practices and more.


Research of wild honeybees is essential in designing innovative conservation practices for honeybees. We promote a multidisciplinary approach and collaborate with Universities, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

Why it matters

Honeybees are a keystone species. The survival of the earth’s ecosystems will partially depend on the preservation and survival of honeybees. When we support honeybees and provide the right conditions for their health, we are protecting and safeguarding our food supply for future generations.

The departure from normalcy due to climate emergency and accelerating extinction rates of all species opens the door to a re- evaluation and re-conceptualization of core belief systems and practices in beekeeping and conservation.

 Watch the video below to get more insight into our work.