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We work with a diverse clientele, from land-based conservation organizations and private landowners to researchers, farmers, gardeners & beekeepers around the world.

Our services include:

Apiary Installations

Seminars & Workshops



    Installing tree-based hives that help honeybees to thrive

Apiary Installations

We design, install and care for landscape apiaries / LocApiaries using traditional log hives and hives in living trees. Installations may include:

• Analysis/evaluation of existing honeybees populations
• Assessment of watersheds for conservation / rewilding options
• Design of landscapes apiaries / LocApiaries
• Building custom hives for specific locations
• Installations and implementation
• Stewardship and care of apiaries
• Restructuring of existing apiaries
• Hands-on training

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    Learning together and building communities

Seminars & Workshops

Our educational programs link the core elements of rewilding with biodynamic and indigenous traditions, as well as research-based evidence on wild Apis mellifera (honeybees). Our classes welcome both novice and experienced beekeepers, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the rewilding of bees. Workshop topics include:

  • Biodynamic beekeeping
  • Arboreal Apiculture
  • Tree-based beekeeping
  • Holistic strategies for beekeepers
  • In-depth studies of honeybees
  • Advocacy for honeybee awareness
  • Outreach
  • Mentorship programs for youth and schools
  • Hands-on hive building workshops

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    Integrating our research and development


We are available as a resource for government agencies, communities and individual landowners and farmers and can provide a wide array of services, including:

  • Assessment for conservation potential and rewilding options of landscapes and watersheds
  • Recommendation and design proposals of landscape apiaries and holistic apiculture
  • Restoration and conservation projects
  • Care and monitoring of installed rewilding projects
  • Research of natural and traditional hive practices
  • Development and innovation of natural hive designs
  • Integrative Apicultural Systems and conservation strategies

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